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According to the Regulation of the Minister of Social Affairs No.46 (August 21, 2008) "Requirements for the maintenance of health care services and waiting times" and the agreement with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund for the financing of the treatment of insured persons under the age of 19, we have established rules for maintaining the treatment queue:


1. The treatment waiting list for pre-registered patient’s at the Postimaja Dental Clinic is kept in a specific computer program


2. Registration is possible from Monday to Thursday 8:00AM to 8:00PM and on Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM by calling +372 59198183 or sending an e-mail to “”. Registration is also possible at the clinic. In the latter case, a visit card is issued to the patient


3. The patient chooses a suitable time for him/her and for the doctor of preference through communication with our administrators


4. During registration, the administrator will take into account the schedule of the doctors. Doctors working hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00AM to 2:00PM or from 2:00PM to 8:00PM


5. During the registration patient’s personal information, the time and the reason of visit are entered into the computer program


6. On the day before the visit, a reminder message will be sent to the patient


7. For the patient who visits the clinic outside of the pre-registration time, we will find the closest appropriate time for the client. In the event of an emergency, first aid is provided on site and instructions are given to the patient


8. It is mandatory to inform the clinic upon cancellation of visit


9. In the event when it is not possible to treat the patient at the registered time (for example, in the event doctors of illness or technical problems), the patient will be informed and a suitable new appointment time will be offered


10. After one year from the last visit, the patient will be automatically informed about the need for a check-up





1. All Clinic patient’s and their relatives or representatives are entitled to submit proposals and complaints


2. Proposals and complaints may be submitted in the clinic, by registered mail or by post. Complaints and suggestions are to be sent to or Narva mnt.1 10111, Tallinn


3. In the case of a complaint, the patient's name, the time of visit, the name of the doctor, as well as the problem which led to the treatment and the reason for the complaint has to be indicated. The content of the complaint may be submitted in a free text form


4. Complaints submitted in writing shall be handled by the head of the clinic together with the persons concerned


5. Written complaints and proposals will be answered within 30 days


6. We advise to submit an oral complaint or a proposal immediately to the treating physician after the problem has arisen. We will try to find a solution right away


7. Anonymous complaints will not be processed


8. The proposals will be taken into account in improving the organisation of the clinic and the quality of the treatment


9. Complaints may also be filed with the authorities below: Estonian Health Insurance Fund Harju Department, e-mail:, telephone 16363. Health office, e-mail:, phone: 6943500

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